Ply Ratings and Sock Thickness

Just a quick word about the ply ratings of our stump socks

Ply ratings can be confusing, especially when comparing across brands. The term Ply refers to the number of yarn threads used to knit the sock. If different manufacturers use different yarn thicknesses this could lead to confusion. You could get five socks from five different brands with the same nominal ply rating but of varying thicknesses.

Unfortunately there are no international standards that manufacturers can follow in regard to sock thickness or ply ratings, which would have made it easier for buyers to evaluate and compare brands before buying.

We therefore suggest to our customers the following three options:

a. Refer to the list below which details the nominal thickness of each of our sock types. Law Comfort sock thicknesses can be viewed at the Law Comfort subcategory pages.

b. If the thickness of the sock is absolutely critical we suggest you send us a sample of the sock that you would like us to match. A small piece sent to us in an envelope will suffice.

c. If thickness is not so critical, we could closely match your requirements by simply listening to your description of the type of sock you need and then we can suggest one or more options.

We are confident that we can deliver the sock thickness you require, from the thinnest 2 ply Fleecenette to the thickest 9 ply Cool Wool.

Heller brand stump sock thickness (in millimetres)

Woollen stump socks

Standard (6 ply) - 2.0
Beige (6 ply) - 2.0
XL Cosy (4/6 ply) - 1.5/2.0
XH Cosy (8 ply) - 2.7
Blue Cosy (8 ply) - 2.7
Blue Tip (6/8 ply) - 2.0/2.7

Cool Wool stump socks

Original (4+2 ply) - 2.6
Heavy (6+3 ply) - 3.4

Fleecenette stump socks

2 ply - 1.4
3 ply - 1.8
Original 4 ply - 2.1
5 ply - 2.3
6 ply - 2.6

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