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S. Heller Enterprises was established in 1975 by Robert and Stephanie Heller in Melbourne, Australia.

It was a time when the only local Stump Sock producer has just gone out of business, which left the Australian consumer with the one choice, an imported sock, which was an expensive alternative.

The Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra has set out to find a new Australian manufacturer for its supply of Stump Socks.

Enter the Hellers. With their vast knowledge in the knitting field and professional expertise with knitting machines, combined with some valuable contacts within Australian wool industry, they happily welcomed the new challenge of manufacturing an All Australian Stump Sock under the brand name 'HELLER'.

Robert and Stephanie Heller did a great job not only in the design and manufacture of the HELLER stump sock, but also making sure it was affordable without having to compromise on quality.

Within a short period of time 'Heller' Stump Socks were selling in neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

More than a quarter of a century later the Heller legacy and tradition continue. What started as a new and small family business is now a well established global player while still true to its roots as a family concern.

Robert and Stephanie's daughter Naomi together with her husband Ellie have been at the helm for over 20 years and continue today to produce the 'HELLER' stump sock.

Here at S. Heller Enterprises we are convinced that the 'HELLER' brand is truly the best in the world. You probably think we are biased but rest assured we do not make this claim lightly. Here are some facts to help convince you:

  • The wool we use in the knitting of our stump socks is that of the famous Australian Merino sheep known for its softness and durability and it will not shrink, stiffen or felt as some other well known brands do.
  • We also make the Fleecenette sock, which is made from the well known Coolmax* fibre. Another line of socks is the Cool Wool, which is a blend of Merino wool and Coolmax. Both these lines are proving very popular with our clients.
  • We also stock another four types of stump socks; cotton, cotton/Coolmax, Nylon and suspension pin hole socks, made for us by Law Comfort. Check the Law Comfort category for more details.
  • We continue to follow the same strict and purpose specific guidelines given to us by the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs. These guidelines are directly related to wool quality and sock construction. Our quality control assures buyers that no faulty sock leaves our premises, and cases such as these have been so few over the years.
  • Apart of the more than 700 different socks we also make Made-To-Measure socks to meet everyone's need.
  • We avoid fancy and expensive catalogues, packaging and labeling. Instead we focus our energy and resources on bringing you a quality product and reliable and friendly service. This enables us to maintain very competitive prices. If you ever come across a better offer for your stump socks then ours, on any web site, please let us know so that we can rectify this to enable us to offer you a better deal.

*Coolmax is a trade mark of Invista.

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