Woollen Stump Socks

The Woollen Prosthetic Stump Sock - Our woollen stump socks are seamlessly knitted from 100% pure new shrink resistant Australian Merino wool (ie. they are very soft). The picture above shows the six types of woollen socks we manufacture - Standard (6 Ply), Beige (6 Ply), XH Cosy (8 Ply), Blue Cosy (8 Ply), XL Cosy (4/6 Ply) & Blue Tip (6/8 Ply). Each of these types are available in 101 woollen leg sizes. In total, 606 stump socks. You may zoom in on the above picture by holding down the Ctrl button and rolling the scroll button of your mouse.

*The Toe end of all XL socks is reinforced to 6 ply.

*The Blue Tip sock is similar to the Standard 6 ply, except the Toe end (Blue Tip) is reinforced to 8 ply with 12% polyester at the toe section only.

*The Blue sock is a wool blend stump sock with 12% polyester for extra strength and durability.

Arm socks are divided into 2 subcategories; Above Elbow (AE) and Below Elbow (BE). They are 4 ply and are available in raw white (STD) or Beige. AE socks have a flap to cover the shoulder.

All arm socks have the option to have the toe end reinforced to 6 ply.

There are 139 different sizes in the Woollen Socks category, which are divided into ten subcategories. The purpose of the subcategories is to hold socks of certain, Top x Toe, widths combinations. To better understand this structure and to assist you in working out your size go to Woollen Socks - Sizes Guide for a comprehensive explanation about woollen stump sock sizes.

Once you have worked out your sock size click on the appropriate subcategory below and scroll down the list to locate your size (Item Name). Click on your Item Name which will take you to a detailed Product Information page where you enter the required quantity and add to cart.

Before adding the sock to your shopping cart make sure you have selected the right attributes; such as: Sock Type, with or without Suspension Pin Hole, and Top End Finish. Also for your selection is the option for Open or Closed Toe in the Brace Socks subcategory. And the option of Reinforced Toe End in both of the arm socks subcategories.

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