Law Comfort Stump Socks

When S. Heller Enterprises first came into business we manufactured only Wool stump socks. We soon added a range of Cotton socks to our catalogue to complement our existing offering to customers.

We chose the Law Comfort brand for its quality and affordability. Law Comfort is based in Australia and their socks are Australian made. Adding the Cotton socks to our catalogue gave amputees the choice of a lighter and thinner alternative.

Following the success they had with their Cotton Stump Socks, Law Comfort has introduced a further three types of stump socks; The heavier and thicker Coolmax* Terry (a Coolmax/Cotton blend); The Nylon Sheath - very thin and light; and socks with suspension pin hole, providing even greater choice for our customers.

In more recent years Law Comfort have developed various other types of stump socks such as, Liners, Partial Foot socks, and many more, using a variety of different materials.

*Coolmax is a trademark of Invista.

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